Job Portal System


A Job Portal System is an online platform that facilitates the process of job searching and recruitment. It acts as an intermediary between job seekers and employers, providing a user-friendly interface for posting and searching job opportunities.

Key Features:

  1. Job Seeker Registration:
    • User-friendly registration process for job seekers to create profiles.
    • Capture essential details such as qualifications, experience, skills, and preferred job categories.
    • Upload and manage resumes and cover letters.
  2. Job Search and Filtering:
    • Comprehensive job search functionality based on criteria like job title, location, industry, experience level, etc.
    • Advanced filtering options to refine search results.
    • Save job searches for future reference.
  3. Employer Registration and Job Posting:
    • Simple registration process for employers to create company profiles.
    • Post job vacancies with detailed descriptions, requirements, and application deadlines.
    • Manage and edit job listings easily.
  4. Application Tracking:
    • Job seekers can apply to job postings directly through the portal.
    • Employers can track and manage received applications in one place.
    • Automated email notifications for application status updates.
  5. Resume Database:
    • Store and organize resumes and candidate profiles in a searchable database.
    • Employers can find potential candidates based on specific criteria.
  6. Job Alerts and Notifications:
    • Job seekers can subscribe to job alerts based on their preferences.
    • Automated email notifications for new job postings matching a candidate’s profile.
  7. Resume Builder and Optimization:
    • Offer resume-building tools to help job seekers create professional resumes.
    • Provide tips to optimize resumes for better visibility to employers.
  8. Candidate Shortlisting and Communication:
    • Employers can shortlist candidates and communicate with them through the portal.
    • Schedule interviews and send interview reminders.
  9. User Dashboard:
    • Personalized dashboards for job seekers and employers to manage their activities.
    • Track application history, saved jobs, and communication.
  10. Analytics and Reporting:
    • Generate insights and reports on job listing performance, candidate engagement, and more.
    • Utilize data for improving the platform’s efficiency and user experience.


Please Note: This project can be executed in any programming language according to your specific requirements. If you would like to personalize the project, please reach out to us at The estimated delivery time for the project is 4-5 weeks. As part of the package, we will provide you with a synopsis, project report, and the project source code in soft copy format. Viva questions can be provided upon request.