Grocery Management System


The Grocery Management System consists of a set of interconnected modules that work together to achieve the main objectives of the system.

Item Selection: Users can select items from the interface using various filters such as price, color, category, etc. They have the flexibility to add multiple items and customize their selections based on their preferences.

Order: Once the user has chosen the desired items, they proceed to the order interface. Here, they can review the final details of their order, including the total cost and delivery timings. Users also have the option to remove any items before finalizing the order.

Payment: Users can make online payments using their debit cards. This module facilitates secure and convenient transactions. The payment module confirms the transaction and updates the user’s account accordingly.

Staff Assignment: The admin assigns staff members to specific sections to efficiently handle the packing and collection of items. Their task is to quickly pack the items and deliver them to the central area for proper packaging before handing them over to customers.

Registration: Users are required to register within the system to establish their unique identity and facilitate necessary transactions. Registration ensures that each user is recognized individually, and it enables processes such as issuing bills in their name. Other important details, such as driver’s licenses and parameters, may also be included in the registration process.

Login: After registration, users can log in to the system using their unique credentials. This grants them access to various interfaces and actions within the system. Both brides and grooms, for example, need to log in with their specific identities and passwords to access the main user interface and explore further options.

Forgot Password: To address the common issue of forgotten passwords, the system provides a module for password recovery. Users can easily recover their password by entering their registered email ID. A confirmation email will be sent, allowing them to reset their password and regain access to their account.

Admin: The admin holds official powers to control the flow of data within the system. They have the authority to manage user access and ensure data relevancy. The primary role of the admin account is to maintain clean and accurate data, provide inputs to other interface modules, and create desired timetables based on specific inputs.

By implementing these modules, the Grocery Management System ensures a seamless and efficient user experience, with clean and well-organized data presented across various interfaces.

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